The origins
by Hangover Creations

Créations Gueule de Bois has only been in operation since October 2022, but its rise in the men's products market has been meteoric! It is Steve Ouellet, who is the one and only founder of this young specialized company. He is originally from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, however his strong taste for adventure led him to leave his beautiful region for the greater metropolis.

Having the well-being and health of people at heart, he naturally moved into the field of security. After several years of developing his expertise, Steve got the “blues” from his native region and returned to settle there. That's when the pandemic hit hard and he, like thousands of other workers, was forced to temporarily leave his workplace.

As Steve is not one to sit around for long, he developed a passion for wood! This allowed him to give free rein to his creativity and discover that he had hidden talents. In addition, he had the opportunity to sell several of his creations and thus discovered that he really had an entrepreneurial spirit!

It was following a simple discussion with a friend about beard maintenance and products that Steve had the enlightenment of his life. He was going to start and grow his own business! That’s when Créations Gueule de Bois was born!

In short, Steve is a passionate man who does not fear challenges! He wants to offer the best to his customers and thus provide them with an unparalleled sensory experience!

Mission and values

Créations Gueule de Bois has one and only one mission! You can concoct exceptional, high-quality products so that your beard is simply irresistible!

Always looking for new ingredients in order to create original products, creativity therefore takes a very important place in the company's innovation process! But nothing would be the same without all the pleasure it causes its founder!

Quebec products

Créations Gueule de Bois is a proud local company, already well established in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.

Quality products

All our products are made by hand and with the greatest care to maximize your experience.

Natural ingredients

Being one with nature and what surrounds us is essential for the creation of our products.

Free delivery

Delivery is free with any $75 purchase. It's time to get several of our products.