Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Quebec

Créations Gueule de Bois is proud to partner with Grands Frères Grandes Soeurs du Québec to help them in their fundraising campaign, by donating 20% ​​of sales.

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The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Quebec (AGGFSQ) association is an NPO whose mission is to represent and support the thirteen Big Brothers Big Sisters organizations across the province of Quebec. For more than 40 years, members of this movement have offered mentoring programs to young people aged 6 to 21 across the province. The AGFGSQ provides constant support to its members in order to offer a significant presence to thousands of young people each year, and thus help them develop their full potential.

Advocating professionalism, good citizenship, integrity, collaboration and fairness, the AGFGSQ occupies the role of provincial hub, ensuring representation of all of its members in different community, public, private and governmental spheres and wishes, possibly, to ensure the standardization of the services offered by them. It aims to implement provincial mentoring projects and programs that meet the different needs raised by Quebec youth. Its main activity consists of offering personalized support in administration, clinical support, human resources, philanthropy, recruitment and marketing communication to all of its members in order to provide the best service to the population.

Supporting the AGFGSQ allows us to offer quality services to its members and, thereby, invest in improving the services offered to Quebec youth.

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AGFGSQ Partnership

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